Inhabited from the Neolithic era, Introd is one of the 74 villages of the Aosta Valley. It is a medium high mountain village, that occupies the bottom part of the Rhêmes and Valsavarenche Valleys, in the entryway to the Grand Paradis National Park.

The origin of the name “Introd” (“entre-eaux”: between the waters), comes from the geographic location of the main village (880 metres high), situated between the Rhêmes’ and Valsavarenche’s rivers. Its inhabitants still speak other than italian and french (the official languages of the Aosta Valley), the “patois”, a “franco-provençal” dialect common in the three alpine regions surrounding the Mont Blanc (Aosta Valley, Romanic Switzerland and Savoy). This language has been defined by many linguists as pre-french, because of its archaic features, typical of the french medieval language, that it still maintains today.

To visit

From the architectural point of view we suggest you to visit the castle, built in 1260 by the noble Pierre Sarriod, who got the title of “Sir of Introd”. This castle, interesting for its original eight-sided shape, was inhabited by Pierre’s descendants until the beginning of the last century; currently it is a property of the Caracciolo family, from Napoli. Very interesting is the building Ôla – an old cowshed and a stable- and the barn, considered the best current example of medieval stone and wood building in the Aosta Valley. As regards the sacred architecture, we suggest you to visit the church, dedicated to the conversion of Saint Paul, with its baroque altar, as well as the many chapels of the village. The two bridges that connect the main village to the ones in the bottom of the valley, even if more recently built, deserve a visit: the “Pont Neuf”, with its 80 meters high, is the highest in the Aosta Valley.

From a naturalistic point of view, the visit of the “Parc animalier d’Introd” is unmissable. With its 3 hectars of land it enables a very close contact with the mamifers and the birds of the Gran Paradiso National Park. About 100 meters far from it, you can find the “Maison Breuil”, which is a tipical example of the Aosta Valley country building, that naturally hosts the Alpine Food Conservation Museum. As for the traditional wooden objects, the handcraftsmen workshops offer to the visitors a wide range of tipical handmade products.
To the lovers of local savours, we suggest a visit to the wine producing factory “Lo triolet” – that produces, in limited quantity, dated wines that are particolarly appreciated and premiated on the italian market, as well as a taste of the honey made by the “Miel du Val d’Aoste” beekeepeers cooperative.

Sport and leisure activities

Introd offers to the lovers of ski touring two paths (2.5 and 5 km long) in Località Les Combes, that is also famous for hosting during the summer the Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.
Introd is situated in a strategical position as regards the principal downhill and touring ski resorts of the Higher Aosta Valley.

A network of extended pathways offers to the trekkers numerous possibilities of excursions, by foot or on mountain-bikes, in an uncontaminated nature, to the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park.
The enthusiasts for big thrills will enjoy the rafting-hydrospeed-kayak resort and the adventure park that are located in Villeneuve, as well as the Aymavilles centre “Grand Paradis Emotions” (rafting, canoa, canyoning, etc.)


Not very far from Introd, in the village of Pré-Saint-Didier, can be found a Thermal Centre that uses hot water sources that were already known by the Romans. The current facilities date from the first half of the XIX century and have received at that time many celebrities, such as members of the Italian Royal Family.

Recent restauration works have brought back to the resort its old splendour.


The stay of the Pope in the village of "Les Combes"

The village of “Les Combes” is located on a morainic buttress along the central valley…

The castle

The castle of Introd was built by the noble Pierre Sarriod, Marc’s son…

The Barn

Nearby the castle there is a gorgeous construction in stone and wood…

The bell tower

As the church, also the bell tower has endured many remakes during…

The bridges

The county town is connected to the other villages in the bottom of the valley…

Vineyard “Provannes”

The grape harvests of the red wines, given from the Cave coopérative…

The Ôla

A very old building (this construction was already named in a document…

The church

From M. Duc to the abbot Hanry, the community started to organise itself…

The Mont Blanc (4810 m.)

The massif of Mont Blanc, with its gorgeous chain of 4000 m. (twelve of them…

The chapel of the “Saint-Suaire” (Saint Shroud)

South of the circular surrounding wall of the castle’s parch, at about few…

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