Vineyard “Provannes”

(domaine of “Vallée d’Aoste D.O.C.”)
Highness 880m
Stock: Petit rouge ; Pinot noir ; Müller-Thurgau

The grape harvests of the red wines, given from the Cave coopérative des Onze Communes of Aymavilles, contribute to the production of Torrette, Torrette supérieur and Pinot noir. Limited, but of the best quality, the production of Pinot gris (vineyard Plantey), made and bottled by a vine grower from Introd.
The Provannes vineyard with all the other vineyards of Introd, are part of the Vines’ Street of Aosta Valley.


The stay of the Pope in the village of "Les Combes"

The village of “Les Combes” is located on a morainic buttress along the central valley…

The castle

The castle of Introd was built by the noble Pierre Sarriod, Marc’s son…

The Barn

Nearby the castle there is a gorgeous construction in stone and wood…

The bell tower

As the church, also the bell tower has endured many remakes during…

The bridges

The county town is connected to the other villages in the bottom of the valley…

Vineyard “Provannes”

The grape harvests of the red wines, given from the Cave coopérative…

The Ôla

A very old building (this construction was already named in a document…

The church

From M. Duc to the abbot Hanry, the community started to organise itself…

The Mont Blanc (4810 m.)

The massif of Mont Blanc, with its gorgeous chain of 4000 m. (twelve of them…

The chapel of the “Saint-Suaire” (Saint Shroud)

South of the circular surrounding wall of the castle’s parch, at about few…

Maison ChanteLune

104, hameau Villes-Dessus – 11010 Introd, Aosta Valley

Le petit coin de Maison ChanteLune

82, hameau Plan-d’Introd – 11010 Introd, Aosta Valley

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